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Embroidered Lettering Workshop Presentation.001.jpg

Embroidered Lettering @ Textile Center | Minneapolis, MN

June 15, 10am-4pm

Are you interested in learning how to embroider but can’t seem to find an embroidery project that fits your personal aesthetic? This workshop will take you step-by-step through the process of designing and stitching your very own unique piece of hand-embroidery. Students will learn the basics of illustrated hand-lettering and develop their own lettered design of a word or short phrase. Students will be introduced to 5 new embroidery stitches and learn how to consider materials, stitches, and color in the design process.


Graphic Embroidery @ Textile Center | Minneapolis, MN

July 17, 6-9pm

Do you have an idea for an embroidery but aren’t very confident in your color selection or design skills? Have you done some hand-embroidery from patterns but want to start stitching your own drawings, design, and ideas? This three-hour Graphic Embroidery workshop is for you! Students will develop an embroidered illustration design with either their own ideas or by mixing, matching, and altering a variety of provided designs. Students will discuss color theory and learn how to consider materials, stitches, and color in the embroidery design process. There will be a quick how-to review of embroidery stitches if needed, but this workshop is best for someone that has previously done some hand-embroidery.