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I’m Alanna Stapleton, an illustrator, embroidery artist, and educator currently based in Minneapolis. My illustrations explore the humor found in everyday experiences and the connections between objects and memory. I like to make work with bold colors, hand lettering, and repetitive patterns.

My work has been recognized by the Society of Illustrators NY and been shown at Gowanus Print Lab, Soo Visual Arts Center, Light Grey Art Lab, the Textile Center, and more. I was a contributing illustrator to Rookie Mag and I am currently an instructor at the Textile Center in Minneapolis. I hold an MFA in Visual Studies with a concentration in Illustration from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

My interests include but are not limited to: sitting in coffee shops, sewing a handmade wardrobe, watching and quoting Brooklyn Nine-Nine, thinking about horses, and finding a way to travel and draw forever.

Check out Sisters & Seams, a year-long collaborative project where my sister, Brianna, and I explore the boundaries of fabric, thread, and our sisterly bond.

Let’s Work Together!

I am currently available for freelance work. I’d like to draw or stitch or design or letter cool stuff just for you. Contact me for commissions, opportunities, questions, or your thoughts on the great Pie vs. Cake debate (I am Team Pie.) Get in touch at staples.alanna@gmail.com.

Select Recent Exhibitions

Jul-Aug 2019 | Curio: Iceland and Norway Residency Exhibitions | Light Grey Art Lab | Minneapolis, MN
Mar-May 2019 | Outlooks | Textile Center Library Gallery | Minneapolis, MN
Jun-Aug 2018
| Foodways | MCAD Gallery | Minneapolis, MN
Mar 2018 | Artists In The Kitchen | Textile Center | Minneapolis, MN
Feb 2018 | SooVAC + MCAD MFA: An Exhibition in Honor of Suzy Greenberg | Soo Visual Arts Center | Minneapolis, MN
Jan-Feb 2018 | Winterland: Celebrating Makers and Their Craft | Light Grey Art Lab | Minneapolis, MN
Jul-Aug 2016 | Comic and Cartoon Art Annual 2016 Exhibit, Short Form and Digital Media | Society of Illustrators | New York, NY

Recent Clients

NEMAA / Pollen Midwest / Growler MagRookie Mag / The Store at Mia / Patrick's Cabaret / Bean Pole Farm


Jun 2019 | Team Red Fox | Yellowstone National Park | Light Grey Art Lab Art Camp
May 2019
| Team Mink | Grand Teton National Park | Light Grey Art Lab Art Camp
Mar 2019
| Teaching Artist Residency | Casa de Esperanza, Saint Paul, MN | Free Arts of Big Brother Big Sisters of the Greater Twin Cities
Aug 2018 | Team Vatn | Ólafsvík, Iceland | Light Grey Art Lab Creative Residency


Feb 2019 | Biz Crush | CRAVE
Aug 2018 | Artist Profile | The Growler
May 2018 | MFA Thesis Candidate Profile | MCAD MFA